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We can ship most products to virtually any address in the world. If we don't quote a suitable postage cost to your location, please use the Contact Us form on this website, and we will set one up for you. Please note thart certain products (for instance Lead Acid batteries) may have shipping restrictions

We usually ship within one clear working day of receiving your order and cleared payment.

All orders are drop shipped from within the EU. No customs or duty charges will apply to EU customers. Customers outside of the EU should check with your government if customs charges apply to you, and your local carrier may charge you a fee for collecting any customs fees due from you.

Items must be signed for and we will only deliver to the billing address shown on the payment. Requests to ship to third party addresses will be ignored and items will be shipped to the address on the payment. Items will not be left 'safe', with neighbours, etc. We cannot ship to PO boxes or BFPO addresses. You may be required to collect the item from the courier after two failed delivery attempts.

For failed / refused deliveries returned by the courier you agree that we can deduct reasonable two way courier charges from any refund if you did not make reasonable efforts to receive or retrieve the parcel.

In the case of missing items, we may need to wait a minimum time period as defined by the carrier before declaring an item lost and shipping you a replacement.


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